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Microworkers: Complete Small Tasks and Earn Money
Paid Micro Jobs
Make Money Doing Small Tasks Online

         Did you know that you can get paid for doing small task online, which does not require any skill? These are also known as Micro Jobs. The beauty of these tasks is that you can do them to your heart’s content; yes, there is no limit to the number of tasks you do in any given day. If you are looking for online jobs to work from home without investment this is one of them.

There are three important steps before you start working on the Tasks.

1. Choose a Task :
Don't be hasty to work on a high paying, complex task straight away. When you are new to these micro jobs, select the tasks which are easy although they will pay you less. As you gain momentum you can choose a higher paying task which may be complex yet it will be easy for you.

2. Work on a Task :
It’s very important that you complete all the tasks that you accept. If you accept a task and if you feel that it’s not easy for you while trying to complete, will end you up in trouble. Each task you complete which you have taken, increases your rating on the site while the tasks you accept and put it back to the site will decease your rating.

3. Get paid for your Work:
After you complete the work, you need to submit it. The person who has given you the task will review it and if it meets their expectation, it will be approved and you get your small amount deposited to the account. On the other hand if your submitted work does not meet their expectation, it will be rejected and you will not be paid anything.

So you should take the Tasks only if you think you can complete them successfully. When you reach the minimum amount set by the site, you will receive your payment either through Check, PayPal or Payza.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the best example for  a micro job site. They call the Tasks as Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT). This is a huge site where you can see about 50,000 Tasks to be done at any point of time. This is trusted as it is a part of the Amazon group.

Similar micro jobs website to name some are:, and

Fiverr is another website with the same intention. But this is different in a way that it doesn't have tasks to do but you should post your profile first with things that you are willing to do for $5 and people will choose to give the work to you.

There will be no problem in finding the tasks to work as many bigger companies will break their work into small pieces and will make them as tasks, so that its less expensive for them as well. So every day you see more and more tasks coming.

All these Tasks do not require any bidding, meaning that you like a task you can accept and start working on it. So signup for the best micro job sites mentioned above, choose a task, work on them and earn a small income which will definitely be useful for you.

If you like these topics please share it with your friends, so that they too have an opportunity to earn money online.

JOBS - Urgently Required
These micro job sites usually have lots and lots of tasks. People who don't have time to complete their activities will place them on these sites. They are ready to pay a small amount for those who work on them.

The tasks may be as simple as to rate a youtube video to review a website. Normally tasks seen on these micro job sites are, but not limited to such as signups, surfing a website, posting a comment, Posting jobs, bookmark websites, downloading or testing a web page.
Anyone can try these microjob sites for a little more income as they don't require any skill.

One of the best feature about these micro jobs is that you work when ever you want to work as usually there are not contracts with these kinds of jobs.

More over these tasks can be completed in less time, within five to ten minutes and maximum within an hour. Such is the flexibility of these micro job sites.
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